Sometimes the lighting, shadows or colors in a photo are just not what you were expecting. Using digital editing tools like Photoshop, we can enhance, clean-up flaws, eliminate shadows or totally transform an original photo. (slide divider on image left and right to see the before & after effect).

Color Correction: The evening sunset though not visibile, imparted an orange glow over the entire scene. Adjusting and reducing the yellow/orange hues resulted in a more natural looking photo.

Editing out details: This hallway photograph was about to be published in a national design magazine. The client found the airconditioning vents on the floor distracting and asked us to remove them entirely.




Digital Retouching: The client's original goal was a windswept Desert Goddess but the sky was overcast and uneventlful. We were able to remedy this by seamlessly inserting a more dramatic cloud formation that worked with the lighting of the subject and surrounding terrain.


Fixing flaws: Nobody noticed the pillar candle had fallen over until it was time to add the image to the website. We digitally cloned and enlarged the smaller candle, and used it to cover up the fallen pillar.


Color Correction: The nightime shot of this spectacular home with breathtaking views had too much purple and not enough contrast. We warmed up the colors, smoothed out the streaking in the sky and increased the overall saturation for a more impactful photo.