A Case Study - Architectural Firm
Fleetwood Joiner & Avalon Architectural is known for its exceptional and client-focused designs. The Newport Beach based firm has completed numerous, retail, commercial and luxury residential projects for over 35 years.
Challenge: The brand's identity was over ten years old and needed to be overhauled. The pale green logo, dark website and its layout did not present the firms extensive body of work effectively. The website was built with older technologies and was not supported by some newer browsers.

Strategy: Design a logo that clearly shows the partnership between the two principal teams. Use a color palette that transitions easily to all marketing materials, business stationery, and signage. Design and develop a website that is engaging, organized, easy to navigate, and mobile friendly.

open quote

we continue to get wonderful

feedback on our new website

design and we are so happy

with your work” — F. Joiner

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